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Starjet Aviation SA Route des Ronquos 146, 1950 Sion


The diversity of the Starjet Aviation fleet makes it possible to fly into airports throughout continental Europe, but also in Russia, Israel or North Africa. Whether you choose a classic destination or you veer off the beaten track, Starjet Aviation makes your travel more flexible.


In order to visualize the possible destinations according to the distance that can be travelled by our planes, we provide you with an interactive map.

Once on the page, geolocate yourself and choose a distance around you. This will allow you to view the possible airports. The maximum distances are those of our planes.

Cessna 1:
Cessna 2:
Cessna 3:

Optimise your time for your business meetings

No unnecessary lingering: efficient customs’ formalities, escort by the pilot himself and boarding without delay. With Starjet Aviation, travelling privately is a real timesaver in your business day.

Share a moment of true relaxation

Albeit essential to our well-being, exchanges with family or friends are becoming rarer. Freed from the constraints of commercial flying, Starjet Aviation allows you to restore these privileged moments of joy and transform them into real occasions to rediscover each other.